To the Members of the Hughsonville Fire Company,

The Hughsonville Board of Fire Commissioners congratulates you for achieving a century of unwavering service and commitment to the residents of the Hughsonville Fire District. This is no small achievement when measured against the events that shook the world to its core during this same period. No one in 1913 could have possibly imagined the changes their fledgling fire company would go through to become the pre-eminent fire department that now protects a much more diverse community than the sleepy Hamlet of Hughsonville of 1913.

Over the course of the past one hundred years, the Hughsonville Fire Company experienced numerous difficulties and hurdles that challenged its very existence. Despite this, the company persevered and forged ahead. Credit for this successful longevity is the result of the determination, dedication and resilience of the hundreds of men and women who, over those past decades, placed their lives on the line for their neighbors.

Through all the changes the fire company has undergone, one thing has never changed: For one hundred years, the Hughsonville Fire Company has remained 100% volunteer, a feat not easily duplicated today. Despite the changes in firefighting equipment, apparatus and techniques over the generations, one enduring constant has been the knowledge that, come what may, when lives and property are threatened, the volunteer members of the Hughsonville Fire Company can always be counted on to respond.

Again, congratulations to the Hughsonville Fire Company and best wishes for continuing success as you begin your second century of service to our community.

Ronald P. Andrews, Chairman Board of Fire Commissioners Hughsonville Fire District